BlockChainTeaHouse Exclusive Interview with Founder of zCloak Network

1. When did the team decide to start zCloak Network? What was the original intention of the team entering this track?

When I served as the Polkadot China ambassador in 2019, I totally agreed with the vision of Web3 — to return data sovereignty to users. The problem with Web2’s cloud computing and big data models is that user data and the related computation are all in big organizations’ databases. If an organization does evil or hacks, the data will be leaked. But the vision of Web3 at that time did not include discussions about how the user can use their data when they keep their data in their own hands.

2. Specifically, in which scenarios can zCloak solve the difficult points of privacy protection?

zCloak provides a complete set of infrastructures to make private data off-chain available for various analysis and calculations to prove who they are without sending their own data to the outside world.

3. How to explain the technical solution of “verifiable computation in user device” called “new computation paradigm” launched by zCloak?

Our technical solution is “verifiable computation in user device”, which is to perform verifiable computation at the user end — the user stores their own data locally, and the computation for the data is also performed at the user end.

4. There are many strong projects in the privacy computation track, and they all exist in the form of public chains. Why did zCloak choose to provide privacy protection as browser extensions? Are any of the two options technologically superior?

Broadly speaking, there are two main tracks for privacy computation in crypto world — transaction privacy and data privacy.

5. As the privacy gateway of Web3, what are the target users of zCloak? How does zCloak reach them?

In the Web3 world, the boundaries between toB and toC are very blurred. There are many application scenarios for zCloak, but the cold-start stage is more suitable for doing some toC activities with the community.

6. How does zCloak’s future business model work?

zCloak is currently positioned as a provider of privacy computation services. We provide services in different scenarios to different chains, institutions, and organizations, so we will charge service fees, but not necessarily in the form of tokens, which means we also accept Fiat currency.

7. Can you introduce the zCloak team, its background, and what areas will it focus on in the near future?

Personally, I learned about Bitcoin in 2011, when I was just studying it as a fault-tolerant distributed system. At the time, I was in the Netherlands doing my PhD studies, focusing on multi-core processors and highly reliable distributed systems.

8. Is the current progress of zCloak in line with expectations? What areas will you focus on in the next stage?

The progress is relatively in line with expectations. zCloak did not do marketing before the official announcement of the Pre-A round of financing in June. It has been a month since the official announcement, and the effect is not bad. The community pays a lot of attention to zero-knowledge proof, especially privacy-related projects, because it really is closely related to everyone’s interests.

9. zCloak will also support the implementation of more projects, and privacy protection is undoubtedly a rigid demand in the Web2 world, so what stage do you think the technology accumulation of large-scale implementation in the future has been reached?

As far as zCloak itself is concerned, it has reached the progress of 85%-90%. This year, we will improve various application scenarios for users. By early next year, our product can be commercialized on a large scale and provide privacy services for ordinary users and protocols.

10. Finally, what might be the future opportunities and challenges for zCloak?

The track where zCloak is in actually combines several fields such as privacy computation, DID, and zero-knowledge proof. Under the trend of Web3, the potential market space is large. This track has network effects, and it is possible that a set of solutions can be quickly extended to a very large range after being adopted. It is also a long process full of uncertainty, so opportunities and challenges coexist.

About zCloak

zCloak Network is a privacy-preserving computing platform. It enables a new computation paradigm where people can do computation/analysis of their data in client device, not in centralized servers. zCloak Network combines the latest progress in zero-knowledge cryptography and verifiable credentials to ensure both the computation process and the user data are trustworthy.

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zCloak Network


zCloak Network is privacy-preserving DID and computing platform. Website:; Product: