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7 min readDec 23, 2022

🎅Dear friends and family,

As the holiday season approaches, we at zCloak would like to take a moment to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. May this time of year be filled with joy, love, and warm memories for you and your loved ones.

This time we are providing a chance for you to show your care to your family, friends, colleagues, and other discord members by sending a special message to them using our Credential Platform.

This event is the world’s first DID-based private social relations and Christmas Card event. With the help of zCloak’s privacy-preserving DID protocol, users can invite the others to confirm their social relationship with themselves while sending Christmas greetings, so as to fully experience the charm of Web3’s self-sovereign data technology.

After receiving the Christmas Card, the recipient can approve and attest to the social relationship request if they recognize the social relationship in the Verifiable Credential, so that the sender of the Christmas Card will receive an attested VC to prove the relationship between them.

Time for participation: 2022/12/24 00 :00 AM UTC — 2023/1/15 23 :59 PM UTC

Before beginning, please ensure you and your Christmas card receivers have a zCloak DID account to send and receive the special message — Verifiable Credential(VC)

1. Restore or create your zCloak Account

Click this link: https://cred.zkid.app/#/account?redirect=claimer

· If you are already logged in, please unlock your account and go to step 2.

· If you already have a DID Account, please ‘Restore Account’ and then go to step 2. (See detailed guide)

· If you are a first time user of our platform, please ‘Create Account’ first. (See detailed guide)

2. Start sending Christmas Cards with cType (Claimer)

After creating the account, please go to this link to start the process. https://cred.zkid.app/#/claimer/ctype

2.1 If you are sending the Christmas Cards

Please make sure you are on the Claimer page to start the claiming process.

Here, as a claimer, what it means is that you will be sending out attestation requests to others, asking them to approve your declared relationship with them along with your Christmas message. Once you received the attested credential from them, you will be the owner of this specific Verifiable Credential which also serves as a private proof of your social relation with the attester.

2.2 Click Create Claim and Send out your Christmas Card

You should be able to see the Credential type “Christmas Card 2022” already shown on the page.

Click “Create Claim” to start.

First, copy and paste the DID of whom you want to send this Christmas Card to. (They will act as attesters in this process.)

Next, select your relationship with the person behind this DID from the drop down menu. We provided 4 options here: Friends, Colleagues, Family Members, and Discord Community Buddies. (There is a channel named “zk-decentralized-identity” in zCloak’s Discord server, where you can find community members’ DIDs and also share yours with the zCloak family.)

Finally, pick a Christmas Message from the drop down menu. We have generated 5 different heartwarming Christmas messages by default, and you can pick one to send.

If you are using zkID wallet, you may need to encrypt and sign using it.

Submit the claim to send out the Credential for attestation.

3. Attesting the Christmas Card sent to you (Attester)

Please visit https://cred.zkid.app/#/attester/ctypes to enter the attester layout. You will see notifications shown on the bell sign, the “Tasks” tab, and the “Message” tab for unread messages. We suggest you to check regularly for pending requests.

3.1 If you are attesting to Christmas cards

If you have received requests from others, you will need to be an attester and attest to the Verifiable Credentials they sent you.

Approving attestation means you are giving consent to the relationship between you and the claimer stated in the credential. Rejecting means otherwise.

Note: If you act as an attester, the credentials you attested to will not belong to you, but will belong to the corresponding claimers. You can always refer to step 2 and become a claimer yourself since we deem Christmas cards you OWN as proof of participation in this event.

3.2 Approve (or reject) your Christmas Cards

Go to the “Tasks” tab to view your pending requests from others. Click on the Message id to see details of this request.

Then you need to decrypt to view the message

After checking the message and confirming the relationship between you and the claimer, you can choose to approve or reject the credential.

(Note: Be careful, if you choose to reject, it means you do not consent to the relationship the claimer stated in the credential.)

4. Result (Claimer)

To view the result, please decrypt first.

Once your friends, family members, colleagues, or discord buddies attested to your Christmas Card 2022 credentials, you will see the attested credential showing up on the “Credentials” page.

Congratulations, you have successfully generated a private proof of your social relations!

As a claimer, we encourage you to send attestation requests to as many loved ones of yours and bring them your warmest messages to wish them a very Merry Christmas!

5. Prize and Rewards

5.1 For all participants

For everyone who has successfully sent out more than 3 Christmas Cards (3 included) to different attesters and get attestations approved from them, zCloak Network will be issuing out a special “zCloak Christmas Elf” credential to your DID.

We plan to throw events on major global holidays and issue holiday special participation proof credentials each and every time. Please hold on to your DID account and accumulate these special credentials for future surprises and redemption of prizes!

5.2 For top 20 claimers

We also want to reward our top 20 claimers in this event, where your number of Christmas cards sent and successfully attested will be ranked. We have prepared a special Christmas gift for you guys: zCloak Mystery Box — Christmas Edition!

We plan to issue Mystery Box credentials in our future events as prizes, and this is the first batch of Mystery Box that we are sending out! The prize in the box will be revealed in the near future with gifts we know you would enjoy!

There will be more Mystery Boxes in different editions in later events, so stay tuned for more!

At zCloak, we believe that social relations should be private by default. End-to-end encrypted interactions ensure that the content of our interactions with friends, family, and others is private. And, unlike traditional greeting cards or messages, VC allows you to have ownership and at the same time be able to show and prove the existence of your relationship to others at any time. You will truly have self-sovereignty of you social relations, which will be the happiest and most meaningful thing for you this holiday season.

We are grateful for the support and generosity of our community. The Christmas Card Event is a wonderful opportunity for us to spread some holiday cheer to our loved ones. We hope that this events will be able to bring some joy and happiness to those who received these heartwarming Christmas messages.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!



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