zCloak Membership Credential Event Recap

zCloak Network launched our Membership Credential Event between August 15 and September 14, now that the event is over, here’s a recap on everything that happened.

As you may already know, we have launched the beta version of the zkID Credential Platform in August, and at the same time started our zCloak Membership Credential Event. The platform enables everyone to create their own DID, design the format of a credential, fill-in a claim, make an attestation and share the verifiable credential with others. It is the first step of our endeavor for people to truly control their own data and fulfill the idea of Self-Sovereign Data.

The zCloak Membership Credential Event was created in the hope of letting users understand what the product is trying to do. We issued a Credential Type of “zCloak Membership” and all members in our Discord server were invited to claim. In order to be eligible for the claim and successfully pass the attestation, users needed to require for a special code in the Discord channel from a bot we set up, and then input the code along with their username to submit for an attestation. In this event, we used bots for attestation as well, since the input data were just Discord information that bots can efficiently recognize. After passing the attestation and receiving the zCloak Membership Credential, users can share the credential with any verifier, and on Twitter as well. Users were also able to claim an OAT from Galxe as a remark for their experience.

This event was both a demonstration of the credential claiming process of the platform, and a first step to owning a special DID and credential as a zCloak member. During our event time period starting from August 15, we issued a total of 12,158 zCloak Membership credentials with 4,000+ new members in our Discord server, and 5510 OATs were claimed from Galxe. We also announced our latest achievement of 50k+ followers on Twitter within the event period. Thanks to all zCloak’s supporters and congratulations to our active Discord members on successfully claiming your first credential from zCloak!

In the time being, we also participated in three AMA spaces with other projects talking about DID and privacy related topics, started a daily quiz event, and conducted our first product survey within our community on DID and privacy in relation to our Credential Platform.

We would also like to sum up the answers we received from our community in the survey. Our product has been evaluated by our users in terms of fluency, satisfaction, and more. In conclusion, users believe that our product effectively protects data rights and brings security and convenience to users. Moreover, users provided some valuable comments to help us make adjustments to the product, which is very important for us making improvements and providing better services for the Web3 industry.

We are happy to see our community’s enthusiasm and active participation, and will continue bringing more meaningful events to our members in the future! Please stay tuned to our Monthly Updates and progress on our technology and products, as zCloak wishes to provide ZK-privacy solution to everyone in the Web3 world!

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