zCloak Membership Credential Event Tutorial

What is zkID Credential Platform?

zCloak Membership Credential Event Tutorial

1) Create an account

2) Import credential type (cType)

3) Claim your zCloak Membership Credential

4) Share your credentials

5) Share your credentials on Twitter

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Credential Platform:

  1. Please be sure to use your Discord username for filling in the first blank, eg. Alice#1010, instead of the user id number code that looks like this: 46210501815854638.
  2. Please do not submit the same attestation repeatedly, one Discord user can only claim one credential, repeated actions will be rejected even if your info was filled in correctly.
  3. Since one Discord user can only claim one credential, due to data security reasons, even if the same account submit the correct info corresponding to the same account, the repeated actions will be rejected, only one attestation will go through. Therefore, before you switch your DID account, please make sure you have successfully backed up your current account (meaning you should download your DID-Key and store it properly for future restoration of the account). Each DID account can only view its own credentials and messages, so switching accounts carelessly may cause data loss or invisibility.
  4. Please do not carelessly clear local storage of your webpage, since credential info and your private key to the DID account may be lost in the clearing process.

Tech Takeaways

  1. zCloak Credential Platform is an intuitive user interface for W3C DID protocol. It can support different DID method implementations in the future.
  2. The Credential Platform is permissionless. Anyone can use this platform to claim/attest to credentials without contacting the zCloak team.
  3. All messages sent and received in the Credential platform are end-to-end encrypted. I.e., only the receiver can decrypt the messages.
  4. The attester/verifier role can be implemented as bots. This can help the attesters/verifiers to automate the attestation/verification process. The implementations of these bots are part of the zCloak-SDK and will be open-source in the zCloak Github repo.

What is zCloak Network?



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