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5 min readApr 30, 2024


Volume 3 Issue 3, 2024

Welcome to the April edition of zCloak Network’s newsletters. Throughout the previous month, the committed zCloak R&D team has been actively involved in advancing both product development and technological exploration, resulting in notable progress. Moreover, substantial groundwork has been laid for upcoming marketing events, and zCloak gained great brand exposure during different Web3 Festivals. Now, let’s go through FYI, this series of monthly newsletters is dedicated to keeping our community members up to date, so please follow us and stay tuned for more information!

Product and Technology

Releasing the Alpha version of Valid One

AI technology has been evolving fast. Deep Fake generated video and audio are already quite hard for ordinary people to tell. Internet frauds and scams are increasing to a level never seen before. We predict in a few years, everything you watch, hear and read on the Internet may be fake unless proven otherwise. We need a completely new way to rebuild trust and privacy on the Internet.

As a company which is determined to defend trust and privacy in Web3, zCloak Network sets its target to defeat AI powered Internet frauds with all the identity solutions it has developed — introducing the Valid One protocol.

Valid One is a revolutionary protocol for authentic identity verification in the AGI era, offering fast user onboarding with Passkey technology and reliable identity checks through social attestation. It supports almost all the public blockchains, facilitating seamless digital interactions without gas fees. The Valid One product is the first of its kind which is full-stack on-chain, meaning the frontend, backend and the wallet itself are all hosted in a blockchain — the Internet Computer. The user experience is exceptional as there are no mnemonics or passwords like traditional Web3 Dapps. All that is required from the user is to open the valid.one website, do a Face ID/Touch ID tap and all the keys will be set up within 5 seconds, meanwhile providing hardware wallet level security. With the help of zCloak’s zk-Coprocessor, it will ensure utmost privacy by protecting user data with advanced cryptography. Valid One merges speed, trust, flexibility, and privacy, making it a comprehensive solution for secure and efficient digital identity management in today’s interconnected and rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Try the Alpha version at: https://valid.one.


HK Web3 Festival 2024-Main Event

Apr. 6 to Apr. 9, zCloak Network attended the HK Web3 Festival 2024 as Tertiary Exhibition Sponsor. Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024 is a professional, industry-specific, and global event of considerable scale and high-caliber speakers, truly deserving the title of a world-class gathering. Over four days, it brought together more than 130 prominent exhibitors, garnered robust support from over 200 renowned Web3 projects, featured presentations from over 400 industry leaders, attracted over 30,000 in-person attendees, and hosted over 150 peripheral events.

During the festival, the zCloak booth attracted a large number of visitors seeking information about the projects. There was particular interest in the newly launched Valid One product, designed to end AI Deepfake fraud with one click. Many attendees eagerly sought opportunities for collaboration.

Oak Grove Crypto 2024

Apr. 5, zCloak team was invited to the side event Oak Grove Crypto co-hosted with Polyhedra, Alchemy Pay, Ritual, and ChainCatcher. It is designed to be a convergence point for thought leaders, innovators, and pioneers in Web3 and to facilitate discussions that will shape the next five years of the industry.

During the event, zCloak team dived into the world of Web3 with top experts, networked with like-minded individuals, and discovered the latest trends in crypto space.

ICP Hacker House 🇭🇰 Hong Kong

April 8–9, the global ICP Hacker House series hits the Hong Kong harbor, zCloak Network participated in the event as both the hacker team and panel speaker.

For the hacker team, zCloak engineers brought the latest work from zCloak Network — a chain abstraction-based ZK coprocessor to mentors, which gained great feedback. At zCloak, we have employed the Internet Computer (ICP) to serve as a coprocessor for Ethereum and other public blockchains. Our innovative approach to the ZK Coprocessor, grounded in chain abstraction, simplifies the overall architecture of ZK applications and facilitates the cross-chain interoperability of ZKP verification outcomes.

For the panel speaker, the founder of zCloak Network, w3tester, demonstrated Valid One’s core value and use case to hackers. He mentioned how important it is to verify someone’s online identity in the age of AGI. The presentation also received recognition from many builders.

Panel Discussion: AI + Web3 Security

Apr. 6, zCloak Network was invited as a speaker to the Panel Discussion on the first day of the HK Web3 Festival. The discussion was set at stage 3, and the co-founder of Goplus, Eskil presented as the MC, the product leader of imToken, Yiqun, and the co-founder of FOMO Pay, Zack Yang also presented as speakers.

During the panel, the founder of zCloak Network, w3tester shared his idea on the current Web3 security issues in the age of AGI. He mentioned that As the world is increasingly prevalent with convenience brought by applications of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), daily online interactions face significant challenges such as deepfake scams, which use AI to manipulate media, presenting critical threats including identity theft, financial fraud, and the spread of disinformation.

To end the deep fake fraud, zCloak Network dedicates its R&D work to the frontier of Web3 technology, merging decentralized identity systems and zero-knowledge proofs within its flagship “Valid One” protocol to ensure top-level privacy and trust in the AGI era.



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