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4 min readJul 5, 2022


Hello zCloak Community! As our ecosystem grows, we were happy to have announced that our Pre-A round fundraising closed at $5.8 million, and our community has reached 30K+ members on Twitter and Discord.

For the last few weeks, we have been thrilled to receive numerous proposals from community members who want to be actively involved in the development and building of the zCloak ecosystem and keep making contributions to data privacy protection in Web3. To build and grow with our community, we are glad to announce our first International Ambassador Program!

For decades, especially in our Web2 life, data privacy leakage and misuse have been a real pain for everyone. We talked about this problem a lot, but little can be done — as long as our data is not in our own hands. This is why zCloak Network proposes its solution by first principle — verifiable computation in user device. If we keep both data and computation in the hands of users, 3rd parties will not be able to steal user privacy anymore. This is achieved by a combination of decentralized identity and zero-knowledge proof technology.

We cannot wait to share our technology and products with the international community. In this first round of ambassador program, we will recruit 5–8 core ambassadors for zCloak’s continued growth and development. If you are passionate about privacy protection, we invite you to join us for a brand new journey of building a stronger and self-sovereign Web3 world.

Candidates we’re looking for

At this moment, we are looking for 5–8 core ambassadors to join the zCloak team.

Important qualities we are looking for:

  • Deep belief in the future of Web3 and zCloak Network;
  • Good understanding of the importance of data privacy;
  • Genuine interest in ZKP and decentralized identity technologies;
  • Proper capability to help zCloak to expand its international community;
  • Proficiency in community organization, technical writing or other communication skills.

Don’t worry if you think you are not an expert of ZKP technology. As long as you are passionate about privacy in the Web3 world, you are welcome to join us and we’ll help you to get on board. We’ll support you in your early process of training and acquiring information, and we hope to grow together with you.

How to join the zCloak Ambassador Program?

Apply here: Link

If you think there is more about yourself that we should know, (1) you can fill in the last question on the Google List above with a link to web tools like Google Documents, Google Sheet, or Notion that are easy to share, or (2) if you have had a resume, you can choose to email us at info@zcloak.network

Our team will arrange an online interview with you in a week after your application. The final decisions will be made by the end of July.


Ambassadors will work closely with the core zCloak team. Perks include direct communication with us and priority access to products and events. More benefits and opportunities will be discussed internally.

What will Ambassadors do?

The zCloak Network Ambassadors Program is currently finding great candidates to have an impact on Community, Social Media, and Content.

  • Social Media

We are looking for well-known social media influencers on Twitter/Telegram/Medium/YouTube.

  • Community Moderator

Moderators support the project by managing the official community channels and ensuring that the community is always informed and productive, and providing a safe and welcoming place for the community to discuss project-related contents. We are mainly looking for Community Moderator for Discord at this stage.

  • Content

Creating articles, blogs, videos, gifs, and memes to increase the influence of the zCloak ecosystem.

Supporting Web2/Web3 users in understanding what zCloak Network does, the importance of privacy protection, and how zCloak Network can support various use cases.

  • Potential Event Organizer (Local workshop)

Event organizers are responsible for taking offline and online networking to the next level, by guiding both beginners and experienced users through their journey with zCloak Network.

Offline workshops in the region of our ambassadors are definitely welcome.

  • Translation

Translation and distribution of contents for all non-English speaking communities.

Side notes

There will be a system for ambassador levels. Levels will be determined by work quality, time, effort, impact, originality, etc. So be ready to put in your time and effort and let’s grow together!

When filling in the application form, don’t forget to attach document link (in PDF, at the end of the form) that you want to share with us. It will help us get to know you better. The zCloak team will contact you by our official email (info@zcloak.network) to arrange an online interview.

About zCloak Network:

zCloak Network is a privacy-focused computing platform based on Polkadot. It uses a novel zk-STARK virtual machine for general purpose computations. It enables a new computation paradigm called the Cloaking Space, which provides a private and scalable computation environment for Web 3.0. With zCloak Network, people can use their real-world data for e.g. DeFi, NFT applications without disclosing their privacy. zCloak Network will adopt a business model of Zero-Knowledge Proof as a Service for major public blockchains.



zCloak Network

zCloak Network is a Real-World Identity (RWI) infrastructure for Web3. Website: zcloak.network; Product: zkid.app