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4 min readApr 2, 2024

Welcome to zCloak Network’s newsletters for March. Over the past month, the dedicated zCloak R&D team has been diligently engaged in both product development and technological exploration, yielding significant advancements. Significant groundwork for upcoming marketing events was also accomplished. FYI, this series of monthly newsletters is dedicated to keeping our community members up to date, so please follow us and stay tuned for more information!

Product and Technology

The Valid One Protocol

AI technology has been evolving fast. Deepfake-generated video and audio are already quite hard for ordinary people to tell. Internet frauds and scams are increasing to a level never seen before. We predict in a few years, everything you watch, hear, and read on the Internet may be fake unless proven otherwise. We need a completely new way to rebuild trust and privacy on the Internet.

Partnered with one of the major banks in Hong Kong, zCloak Network sets its target to defeat AI-powered Internet frauds with all the identity solutions it has developed — introducing the Valid One protocol.

Valid One is a revolutionary protocol for authentic identity verification in the AGI era, offering fast user onboarding with passkey technology and reliable identity checks through social attestation. It supports multiple blockchains, facilitating seamless digital interactions without gas fees. Key to its innovation is the ZK-Coprocessor, ensuring utmost privacy by protecting user data with advanced cryptography. Valid One merges speed, trust, flexibility, and privacy, making it a comprehensive solution for secure and efficient digital identity management in today’s interconnected and rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The development work of Valid One began in March and the Alpha testnet will become available in April during Web3 Festival Hong Kong. You are welcome to visit the booth of zCloak Network at G01.


ZK-Maze Giveaway

From March 7 to March 31, zCloak launched the ZK-Maze Giveaway event Phase 1, Users had the opportunity to acquire their “Shortcut Genius SBT” by engaging with the ZK-Maze game (https://zkmaze.zkid.app) and minting the SBT on three different chains: Arbitrum, Optimism, and Base.

Currently, over 500 users are actively participating in the event, with 300 having successfully minted their SBT on-chain. In the upcoming month, we will commence the second phase of the giveaway event. Users in possession of the “Shortcut Genius SBT” will be eligible to complete Galxe tasks and stand a chance to win raffle prizes!

Details of the event: https://x.com/zCloakNetwork/status/1765633209864524013?s=20

2024 WAWEB3 Conference

March 21, the founder of zCloak Network, Xiao Zhang, has been invited as a panelist at the International Web3 Conference hosted by the Western Australia Web3 Association and Global Fintech Institute.

The panel speakers discussed privacy and trust in the Healthcare scenario, and how Web3 can address problems that the status quo is facing. Xiao introduced zCloak’s successful efforts on its privacy-preserving solution regarding storage, usage, and ownership of personal data. With zCloak’s solution, anyone can easily store, selectively disclose, and flexibly prove aspects of their data in an easy-access, trustless, and secure manner.

He also mentioned that in the scenario of global healthcare and medical data handling, zCloak’s work can be put into context as a way of letting patients keep their medical records attested by, for example, doctors, hospitals, or other providers, in their own hands; and additionally, they would have the authority to share the information they want with others freely and securely.

Dfinity Global R&D Meeting

On Mar. 27, Xiao Zhang, founder of zCloak Network was invited to present our work at the global R&D meeting of Dfinity. Xiao introduced the ZK coprocessor design in detail. The meeting video can be found here. More than 100 researchers and community developers have joined the meeting. A detailed article on the coprocessor design has been published.


Unveiling the Future of AI, GameFi, and Web3

March 12, a Twitter space titled “Unveiling the Future of AI, GameFi, and Web3 “ was held by Public AI. Annabella, the CMO of zCloak Network, was invited as one of the speakers to showcase how a Web3 identity and privacy solution project helps with integration in virtual realms.

She mentioned that in the domain of AI, the advent of AGI heralds a new era of intelligence, blurring the lines between human and machine. As AI systems become increasingly sophisticated, the question of identity takes on new dimensions, encompassing not only individual autonomy but also ethical considerations surrounding data usage and algorithmic decision-making. We must foster dialogue and collaboration across disciplines to navigate the ethical, legal, and societal implications of AI-driven identities in the AGI era.

Moreover, in the decentralized landscape of Web3, identity becomes a cornerstone of trust and interoperability. Through blockchain technology and decentralized identifiers (DIDs), individuals can assert control over their digital identities, transcending traditional boundaries of centralized authority. Yet, as we embrace the promise of Web3, we must confront the challenges of identity management, including issues of digital sovereignty, identity theft, and algorithmic bias.



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