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5 min readMay 31, 2024

Welcome to zCloak Network’s newsletters for May. Over the past month, the dedicated zCloak R&D team has been diligently working on both product development and technological exploration, leading to significant advancements. The efforts have not only driven substantial progress in refining our products and enhancing our technological capabilities but also included extensive research into innovative solutions that will set us apart in the market. In addition to these technical achievements, the team has been meticulously planning and preparing for a series of upcoming marketing events. This groundwork involves strategizing promotional activities, designing engaging content, and coordinating with various stakeholders to ensure that our future marketing initiatives are impactful and well-executed. FYI, this series of monthly newsletters is dedicated to keeping our community members up to date, so please follow us and stay tuned for more information!

Product and Technology

New Product Cloaking Layer Received a $100,000 Grant

May 31, 2024, zCloak Network is honored to announce that its latest product–the omnichain Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proof verification layer, Cloaking Layer, has received a $100,000 developer grant from the DFINITY Foundation. This grant, part of DFINITY’s “Developer Grant Program,” aims to support zCloak Network in launching an advanced ZK verification infrastructure for all blockchains. The project is expected to reduce ZK verification costs from tens to hundreds of dollars on Ethereum to mere several cents and provide out-of-the-box omnichain coverage for various ZK application development projects.

As a long time Web3 tech provider, zCloak Network focuses on providing trust and privacy protection in the digital world through Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Proof and Decentralized Identity (DID) technology. Their latest project, Cloaking Layer, leverages the advanced features of the Internet Computer (ICP), aiming to democratize the ZK technology, allowing more users to benefit from its advanced features. Cloaking Layer aims to offer blazingly fast, ultra low-cost and highly secure ZK verification services, easily integrating with other blockchain networks.

ZK Proof technology plays a critical role in data privacy and security, generally containing two processes: proof generation and proof verification. Cloaking Layer focuses on the verification part, innovatively integrating various zkVM verifiers into WebAssembly (WASM) and creating a universal ZK verification environment within ICP Canisters. Combined with ICP’s Chainkey technology, Cloaking Layer can achieve real-time cross-chain interoperability, ensuring that verification results are accurately and credibly transmitted to any target blockchain network through threshold ECDSA signatures.

Since January 2024, zCloak Network’s Zero-Knowledge Proof Coprocessor developed on ICP has successfully operated for EVM chains and Solana testnet through a demo game based on this technology, demonstrating its potential for omnichain Zero-Knowledge Proof applications.

For developers and Web3 project, Cloaking Layer offers a “ZK-as-a-Service” business model. For those looking to integrate innovative and optimized ZK features into their products, Cloaking Layer can help incorporate privacy protection functions, enhancing system trust and security. Currently, Cloaking Layer is primarily targeting Ethereum L2, Bitcoin L2, as well as public blockchains like Solana and Sui, supporting applications in identity, DePIN, AI, payments, zkML, and ZK Coprocessors.

This grant represents a significant milestone in zCloak Network’s mission to democratize ZK technology. With the support of the DFINITY Foundation, zCloak Network is poised to make substantial progress in the development and application of Zero-Knowledge Proof, pushing privacy and security to the forefront of the digital revolution, and reshaping digital identity security and data privacy protection in the Web3 era.

More details about the Cloaking Layer project can be found in this article.

Cloaking Layer website: https://cloakinglayer.com/


ICP’s 3rd Anniversary Chinese Online Carnival

On May 22, the founder of zCloak Network, w3tester had the honor of participating in the ICP (Internet Computer Protocol) 3rd Anniversary Chinese Online Carnival. This prestigious event brought together leading minds in the blockchain and cryptography sectors to celebrate the advancements and discuss the future of the ICP ecosystem. w3tester was involved in the 3rd roundtable, where the discussion centered around Zero-Knowledge Proofs (zk) and their transformative potential in blockchain space, sharing insights and engaging with Xavier, the co-founder of PADO.

During the panel, w3tester provided an in-depth explanation of zk technology, emphasizing its importance in enhancing privacy and security in digital transactions. The discussion highlighted how zk proofs enable one party to prove to another that a statement is true without revealing any information beyond the validity of the statement itself.

What’s more, he also elaborated on the application of zk in the era of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), focusing on its role in ensuring data privacy and integrity. Specific examples from zCloak Network’s work, ZK-Coprocessor were shared, showcasing how zk technology is being integrated into their solutions to protect user data and secure transactions.

Finally, the discussion also addressed the challenges associated with zk proofs, such as computational complexity and scalability. w3tester shared zCloak Network’s strategies for overcoming these challenges, including innovative approaches to zk implementation and potential collaborations within the blockchain community. The panel was highly impactful, providing valuable insights into the practical applications and future potential of zero-knowledge proofs, which reinforced the importance of zk technology in achieving secure, private, and efficient digital interactions, aligning perfectly with zCloak Network’s mission.

PLONK-Zero- Knowledge Proof Series Course

Started on May 27, hosted by the Antalpha Labs, and supported by zCloak Network and their fellow community, the Zero-Knowledge Proof Series Course will last for 5 weeks, and end on Jun 30. The event is dedicated to deepening the understanding and application of zero-knowledge proofs in the blockchain and cryptography sectors. This series brought together industry leaders, academics, and technology enthusiasts to explore the cutting-edge developments in ZKP technology.

Representatives from zCloak Network, including the founder and the experienced engineers, played a significant role in the event, sharing insights and advancements made by the company in the realm of zero-knowledge proofs. zCloak Network will mainly focus on the fundamental principles of zero-knowledge proofs and their critical importance in enhancing privacy and security in digital interactions, highlight the practical applications of ZKP within zCloak Network’s solutions, particularly in the context of the Valid One protocol and its ZK-Coprocessor.

The event provided ample networking opportunities, allowing zCloak Network to connect with other key players in the industry, and engage in discussions about potential collaborations and partnerships to further advance the adoption and development of ZKP technology. This participation not only elevated zCloak Network’s profile but also contributed to the broader understanding and application of ZKP technology in the industry.



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