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6 min readDec 1, 2022

Nov. 2022 Volume 1 Issue 5

Welcome to zCloak Network’s November Monthly Update! We concluded what the project achieved in the month of November 2022, including product and technology, partnerships, AMAs, and events. This series of newsletters are dedicated to keep our community members updated and well informed, so it will keep coming every month. Follow us and stay tuned for more!

Product and Technology

zCloak Network has completed designing and implementing its first DID method based on the W3C DID standard. The re-design of zCloak’s verifiable credential protocol based on the new DID has been delivered as well. The new DID method — did:zk — has been included into the W3C standard repository. You are welcome to check out the [Github repo](https://github.com/w3c/did-spec-registries/blob/main/methods/zk.json) for more information.

For the product part, zCloak has updated its Credential Platform product combined and integrated with our new DID and VC protocol. We have designed a zk-guessing event based on this updated credential platform, and you can find more information in the Events section.


Scroll x zCloak Network

On Nov 23, zCloak Network announced its partnership with Scroll. They plan to work together to provide a privacy-preserving identity service on Ethereum L2 for Scroll users. The partnership will focus on bringing a W3C compatible DID and Verifiable Credential platform on Scroll’s L2 architecture. The collaboration will also include an exploration of call data cost optimization and general research on zk-STARK/zk-SNARK technology, etc.

There will be implementation of both parties’ technology and products within this partnership, mainly regarding identity verification, conveying trustworthiness, and privacy protection. Both zCloak Network and Scroll are bringing Web3.0 solutions to projects and users, and we believe our collaboration will drive higher trust within the Web3.0 world. Please stay tuned for more!


BuidlerDAO Twitter Space

On Nov 3, BuidlerDAO and Winkrypto cohosted a Twitter Space on “Is privacy the next narrative?” The issue of data privacy has been a concern in Web3 for a long time. As regulations look to combine KYC and blockchain technology, this potential solution is being pushed to a high point. Though many projects have achieved privacy-preserving to some extent through different cutting edge technology solutions, they are still in early stages. This got people thinking and talking about whether privacy will be the next narrative of Web3. The Twitter Space invited speakers from Manta Network, PlatON, zCloak Network, and Oasis Network, and zCloak’s founder w3tester mainly talked about ZKP in terms of privacy-preserving technology and its advantages towards achieving the self-sovereignty of user data.

Link for you to revisit: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1eaJbrDqqrQJX?s=20

Mirror World Twitter Space

On Nov 17, Mirror World gathered speakers from zCloak Network, SaaSGo, Ubiloan, and Motley Labs for a discussion space on the topic of “Better tools, Better Web 3 products.” With the past few months being a rough awakening for Web3 enthusiasts, this episode discussed the significance of SDKs to the Web3 environment and how projects can build and thrive together with product integrations. zCloak’s CMO Annabella attended as one of the speakers. She shared that user education is vital considering the differences in transition from Web2 to Web3, and developing tools for better accessibility takes time but is worth the price.

Link to the recording for you to listen to: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1MYxNgeyVbzKw?s=20

LegalDAO Twitter Space

On Nov. 21, LegalDAO hosted a Twitter Space about privacy and security in Web3. w3tester, the founder of zCloak Network attended as a speaker. Speakers from Oasis, zkSafe, and Glock Ventures talked about potential opportunities in the privacy track and the balance between data disclosure and user’s self-sovereignty. w3tester made his point on zCloak’s solution of VC with selective disclosure function respects user privacy and data sovereignty as well as supports organizations with a more convenient verification and validation process.

Links for you to revisit: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1YpKkgMjPodKj?s=20

MetaBlox Panel Discussion

On Nov 25, MetaBlox invited speakers from Caldance, Memolabs, zCloak Network, and Arkreen Network to speak on the topic of “What is expected when telco technology meets BIot?”. zCloak’s CMO Annabella attended and shared her view on the meaning and value of combining blockchain and IoT, how to overcome incoming problems, and how zCloak’s privacy-preserving DID and VC solution can help solve some pain points regarding user experience in the Web3 industry.

Here’s the link to the recording: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1jMJgLMZnOWxL

LegalDAO Tencent Panel

On Nov 29, LegalDAO invited the founder of zCloak Network to their Chinese panel on Tencent meeting, on the topic of Web3 application and on-chain privacy protection. Along with speakers from different perspectives, w3tested discussed on points including how blockchain technology shapes “data sovereignty”, Web3 dark forest and how to break by privacy computing, how DApp analyzes and processes on-chain data, and the coexistence of Web3 and regulation.


Halloween Quiz Event

As introduced in the last issue of our monthly update in October, zCloak invited everyone to join the special Halloween quiz event on Halloween night, Oct 31. The quiz lasted for a week and ended on Nov 7. A total of 66,326 enthusiastic community members participated in the event and dug into the quiz questions related to the 0x499 interview with zCloak’s founder about DID technology and utility. We are thrilled to conclude the event with 39,827 OATs issued and we are glad our community members enjoyed the quiz. We will continue to bring meaningful and beneficial events to our community as well as to the Web3 world!

Ambassador Program

On Nov 15, zCloak Network announced the opening of its Ambassador Program 2.0. On top of a a great phase one of the program, the core team made changes to the program rules and guidelines after careful consideration, and are inviting some new blood to join and grow together. The application closed on Nov 25 with 371 amazing applications received by zCloak. Final decision for different roles including Moderator, Collaboration Representative, and Content Creator will be made in the following week. We look forward to working with our new ambassadors and to building and growing together!

World Cup zk-Guessing Event

On Dec 1, zCloak Network launched the world’s first zero-knowledge-based World Cup Guessing Event with some partner projects (including BuidlerDAO, Flock.io, Tusima, Mirror World, Moledao, SnapFingersDAO, Web3Go, LegalDAO, Macondo). Jointly, the projects call on Web3 football fans to actively participate in the event, where DID and zero-knowledge proof technology are used in the prediction process of the 2022 World Cup. In this event, users can prove whether their guess is correct (e.g. predicted team enters semi-finals), without telling anyone what their guess is. With this game event, users can get a taste of zCloak Network’s efforts on privacy protection. Stay tuned for the event recap in our next issue of monthly update!

How to join: LINK

Event Timeline included in case you are interested!



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