zCloak Network September Monthly Update

Sept. 2022 Volume 1 Issue 3


50K+ followers on Twitter

On September 5, zCloak Network was thrilled to celebrate our latest achievement with our community — we have reached 50K+ followers on Twitter! We really appreciate the strong support from our community, and will keep it up on bringing ZK-privacy to everyone in the Web3 world! For our community members, please stay tuned to our progress on technology and products. We would also like to invite everyone else to get to know our privacy-preserving computing service, and we hope to make our contribution to the Web3 community!


zCloak Network with Moledao

On September 15, zCloak Network announced its partnership with Moledao, a community to connect and develop budding entrepreneurs in this space, facilitating collaborative efforts towards building the Web3 ecosystem. We look forward to working with Moledao and its large and active community to explore more interesting use cases for our privacy-preserving computing at zCloak Network.

zCloak Network with LegalDAO

On September 19, LegalDAO announced its partnership with zCloak Network and 11 other projects, as a latest progress update on the collaboration. zCloak Network will work with LegalDAO to provide privacy-preserving identity service to lawyers where the collaboration will focus on decentralized identity, credential attestation, and data privacy protection, etc.


Twitter SPACE with TinTinLand

On September 7, w3tester, the founder of zCloak Network, participated in the TinTin Meeting to discuss ZK related topics. The subject of the interview is “ZK on the cusp — — Why it is worth paying attention to?” Speakers from projects including ChainFeeds, Manta Network, and SECBIT Labs talked about Zero Knowledge technology, a hot topic in the Web3 world.

Here is the link to the recording: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1lPKqmvwebPKb

Twitter SPACE with Moledao

On September 8, the founder of zCloak Network w3tester participated in a Twitter SPACE discussion of DID’s current status and prospects. Our partner Moledao invited several other projects including Ownership Labs and Godel, and together had a great discussion about DID.

Here is the link for you to review:


Twitter SPACE cohost with MetaScan

On September 20, MetaScan invited zCloak Network as cohost of their Twitter SPACE episode of “What to know about decentralized identity.” The founder of zCloak w3tester attended the event as one of the speakers. Together with Next.ID, Realtize, NFTGO, KNN3, and TwitterScan, the speakers talked about the DID track in the Web3 world.

Here’s the link to the recording of the event: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1lDxLnZELVYGm


Daily Flash Quiz

We’ve organized a Daily Flash Quiz based on the idea of our project, product and technology, and previous event and posts. By participating in the event, we wished to help our community have a better understanding of our project. We are happy to see our community’s hard work and participation, and will continue bringing more meaningful events to our members in the future!

Verified on Link3 Giveaway

We are thrilled to announce that zCloak Network is verified on Link3 powered by CyberConnect! To celebrate this progress, we held a lucky draw event on Twitter and gave out 10 invitation code powered by CyberConnect to personal users on Link3. We are happy to see what Link3 can do to help projects manage events and showcase their Web3 info, and stay tuned for events organized by the Link3 tool!

Check out our Link3 page here: https://link3.to/zcloak

Learn More About zCloak on:


zCloak Network Website:https://zcloak.network





zCloak Network is privacy-preserving DID and computing platform. Website: zcloak.network; Product: zkid.app

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zCloak Network

zCloak Network is privacy-preserving DID and computing platform. Website: zcloak.network; Product: zkid.app