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Volume 2 Issue 8, 2023

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Welcome to zCloak Network’s newsletters for September and October. During the last two months, zCloak has been busy with the two biggest annual Blockchain feasts of Asia, which are Wanxiang Blockchain Week Shanghai and Token 2049 Singapore. Great brand exposure and business opportunities were accomplished. Besides, zCloak also had a good run of product iterations. Let’s briefly go through all of them. FYI, this series of monthly newsletters is dedicated to keeping our community members up to date, so please follow us and stay tuned for more information!

Product and Technology

Card Center Online and Ready in zkID Wallet

In October, we launched the zkID card center (card.zkid.app) in production mode. Users can now create, issue and verify the zkID cards for their application in a permisionless way. The zkID card product aims to bring the concept of Web3 data cards to everyone. People can issue certificates, diplomas, POAPs, employee cards, identity proofs etc on this platform using their own artwork. Unlike other attestation/credential systems in the industry, the zkID card center requires zero gas fee to get onboard and to use most of its functions. It provides a unified experience across PC/iOS/Android platforms and a special version for Telegram users is under active development.

KYC Product in BETA Test

zCloak Network has been working on a new product, Legit ID, in stealth mode for 3 months. In October, the beta version of Legit ID was provided to internal testers and we have got some good results. Legit ID will provide a one-stop solution for on-chain KYC and compliance check. zCloak and its partner will provide almost instant AML updates and omni-chain experiences to its users. Basically, the users will only need to do KYC once, and they will be able to use this KYC info, combined with real-time AML updates, in all major public blockchains without disclosing any privacy and without any fee for message bridging or token minting. This KYC info can be used for compliance check of RWA applications, cross-border payment or anti-sybil attack in community management. The public test version of Legit ID will be formally released in November.


Main Event-Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain Week

zCloak team members working at the booth

Sep 19, the 9th Blockchain Global Summit hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs was grandly opened at W Hotel in Shanghai. With the theme of “Next Stop, Web3”, the summit led participants to foresee the new journey of Web3.

The summit gathered the top figures, technologies, projects, and capitals in the global Web3 industry, attracting exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. zCloak Network participated in the event as a Tier 1 exhibitor, demonstrating and explaining the latest products and technologies including the Valid ID platform, which provides organizational ID services for B-end users, the zkID Wallet, which stores and manages DIDs and Data Cards for C-end users, and the zkID Card platform, which enables the issuance and application of DIDs and Data Cards.

Meanwhile, w3tester, the founder of zCloak Network was also invited as one of the Roundtable speakers, which was themed “Is Web3 on the Eve of Mass Adoption?“, during the discussion, he remarked that the mass adoption of Web3 and blockchain technology is the inevitable trend, however, the current lack of a reliable identity system has led to frequent web3 trust crises, thus, the solution the trust issue of Web3 will be the milestone for Web3 to achieve future massive adoption.

Onsite Event-Treasure Hunt

Poster for the Treasure Hunt onsite event

Sep 14 to Sep 18, zCloak Network held an offline treasure hunt event for the attendees of Shanghai Blockchain Week. Another six projects which are shown in the picture co-hosted it.

Aiming at helping projects attract more users both online and offline, zCloak launched a pre-heat campaign on Twitter to warm up the event. During the event, zCloak also provided each partner’s booth with an exclusive treasure box (physical NFC Card), which users can use their cell phone to touch NFC to open the zkID Wallet, to obtain the related Verifiable Credentials. In the end, users can get merch gifts from each booth. Statistically, over 50 users have finished all the VC obtaining and took the lucky draw for the final mystery gift, five of them successfully won gifts such as Hardware Wallet, Google Cloud resources, and 50 USDT.

Side Event-Destination Moon

Poster made after the speech, quoting the speaker

Sep 17, Organized by TinTinLand, “DESTINATION MOON: Web3 Dev Summit Shanghai 2023” was held in Huangpu, Shanghai.

As the Side Event of Shanghai Blockchain International Week 2023, this DESTINATION MOON event set up 4 keynote speeches and 3 roundtable discussions. w3tester, the founder of zCloak Network, was invited as one of the speakers. It gathered many first-line innovators, developers, investors and researchers in the industry to have in-depth and insightful discussions and exchanges around the topics of public chain ecosystem, Layer2 competition, DID, ZKP, security, and the convergence of Web2 and Web3 communities.

“In order to overcome the problems of Internet authentication protocols, zCloak Network proposes a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for the Web3 era: Valid ID (valid3.id), which is used to answer the question of ‘who is who’ in the Web3 world.” mentioned by w3tester. zCloak proposes to help users solve the problems of data ownership, data privacy, data authenticity, and data interoperability by a “Peer-to-peer cash-like data system,” thus fundamentally guaranteeing users’ identity and data sovereignty. To this end, zCloak has recently launched two new products — card.zkid.app and wallet.zkid.app — which are various infrastructures built to match various application scenarios.

Side Event-Born in the Interstices: Enjoy

Caption of poster for the “Enjoy” side event

Sep 19, an after-party themed Born in the Interstices: Enjoy was held by LX DAO, zCloak and Builder DAO sponsored as co-host.

zCloak provided the zkID and zkID Cards system to help issue the admission ticket. The event was attended not only by Web3 builders but also by many freelance artists and people who are interested in the web3 industry. This novel ticket inspection experience enabled more people to have a preliminary knowledge of DID and VC technology. At the same time, the main organizer of this art exhibition also led everyone to experience an audio-visual feast. Based on Web3 and the art exhibition, everyone had a pleasant social journey, which also laid the foundation for the subsequent cooperation between Web3 and the art field.

Side Event-Web3 City Walk, Shanghai

Poster for the “Walking Web3.0” side event

Sep 18, organized by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, “Walking Web3.0” Shanghai City Walk was successfully held, zCloak was invited as the team leader, showing all friends concerned about the development of Web3.0 to caress the outline of the city, learning the history of the Shanghai, and listening to the story of the North Bund.

Five spots were concluded, and zCloak prepared exclusive zkID Cards for each spot. When people arrive at a specific building, they can request a Card for it, which represents the participation and completion of the 9th Anniversary special event — “Walking Web 3.0” Shanghai City Walk, and the credentials can be well preserved in the zkID Wallet.

Side Event-Women in Web3

Capture of invitation of “Women in Web3” side event

Sep 20, SeeDAO joined hands with SeeGIRLS to curate a shared reception with the theme of “Women in Web3”. In this event, four guests shared their stories and experiences as female role models in Web3. Annabella, the CMO of zCloak Network, was invited as one of the speakers. From the perspectives of entrepreneurs, digital nomads, practitioners, and contributors to the community, respectively, these guests told their stories of how they got into web3, and how they perceive the current environment of women in the field of Web3.

As the only female-themed gathering at Shanghai International Blockchain Week, the “Women in Web3” Meetup aims to gather and inspire female practitioners and enthusiasts in the Web3 space to discuss the opportunities, challenges, and prospects of Web3, as well as how to promote gender equality and diversity. Originally, the event was expected to have 50 participants, but the number of participants was expanded to 70 in order to allow more women to attend, and the actual number of people who signed up was 97. The turnout far exceeded expectations!

Main Event-Token 2049 Singapore

Booth showcase poster for zCloak at Token 2049

zCloak Network attended the successfully held TOKEN2049 2023 Singapore as an official sponsor, on September 13–14. As the exhibitor, representative from zCloak Network presented zCloak’s latest progress on products and technology at their booth. During which, many potential leads were connected, and follow up business partnerships is being strategized.

Onsite Event-Digital Corsairs: 2049 Treasure Expedition

Poster for the onsite event “Digital Corsairs”

Onsite of Token 2049, zCloak Network participated in a “treasure expedition” event organized by NFTPlay, and participated by 14 other projects. It was an offline event named “Digital Corsairs: 2049 Treasure Expedition” where exhibitors with booths put up a board with an NFC touchpoint, and participants can touch the NFC part with their phone to collect special badges at each stand. Nice souvenirs from all projects were given out as lucky draw gifts to the participants.

Side Event-20% Night Singapore

Poster for the side event “20% Night Singapore”

Apart from the Token 2049 main event, zCloak Network also co-hosted an invite-only, socializing afterparty as a side event, with MetaStone and LBank being the two other co-hosts. During the event, CMO of zCloak Network gave a speech on the topic of zCloak’s RWI (Real-World Identity) solution. The event was gathered by invited guests from VC, DeFi, Media, and other areas of the industry.



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