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6 min readDec 31, 2022


Dec. 2022 Volume 1 Issue 6

Welcome to zCloak Network’s December Monthly Update! In this last issue of 2022, we summed up what the team and our community collectively achieved in the month of December. This month’s newsletter covers some interesting events including the World Cup Games zk-Guessing Event and the Christmas Card Event. Starting from September 2022, the zCloak team started issuing this series of monthly newsletters as a means to keeping our community members updated and well informed. Hope you have enjoyed it so far, and we will continue to bring our progress to our community, so follow us and stay tuned for next year!


World Cup zk-Guessing Event

On Dec 1, zCloak Network launched the world’s first zero-knowledge-based World Cup Guessing Event with its partners, including BuidlerDAO, Flock.io, Tusima, Mirror World, Moledao, SnapFingersDAO, Web3Go, LegalDAO, Macondo.

The event was announced to be successfully ended on Dec 25 as all prizes were available for claiming. A recap article is posted by zCloak Network to sum up what happened at each phase of the event, so feel free to visit and read.

DID and ZKP technology are used in the prediction process of the 2022 World Cup,which enable users to prove their guesses are correct (e.g. the guessed team enters the semi-finals) without revealing the team they guessed to anyone. This privacy-preserving way to enter and see through a guessing (or in real life, betting) game effectively eliminates the information asymmetry between participants and event organizer.

This new idea proposed by zCloak Network may have brought a solution to this long-stand dilemma in the betting industry. We have written a technical overview & recap of world’s first zk-Guessing event for the World Cup Games, in which extensively introduces the technology and products we used in realizing the guessing event.

As the event ends, Once again, we want to congratulate all the lucky draw winners and thank all participants and community members for your support. zCloak will continue bringing more meaningful events to our members in the future, so stay tuned!

zCloak Network Christmas Card Event

At Dec 24, zCloak launched its Christmas Card Event to invited everyone to a special event as a chance to show your care for your loved ones by sending a special message to them using our Credential Platform.

This event is the world’s first DID-based private social relations and Christmas Card event. With the help of zCloak’s privacy-preserving DID protocol, users can invite others to confirm their social relationship with themselves while sending Christmas greetings, so as to fully experience the charm of Web3’s self-sovereign data technology.

Everyone who has successfully sent out more than 3 Christmas Cards will be issued a special “zCloak Christmas Elf” credential to their DID. We also want to reward our top 20 claimers in this event with our zCloak Mystery Box — Christmas Edition.

The event is planned to last until Jan 15, 2023, so theres still time to participate!

For more details: https://zcloaknetwork.medium.com/christmas-card-event-9fa41796f0e5

Web3 Pre-Christmas Networking Event

As the Holiday season was approaching, the time came for the Web3 community to wrap up the year and be with friends and family. zCloak Network joined OKX in sponsoring an offline event held in NYC where members of the web3 community in New York can gather to learn about each others’ journeys, projects, and celebrate accomplishments in the Web3 space over the course of this year.

The event was successful in becoming a warm and welcoming environment where attendees feel comfortable interacting with each other and sharing their ideas and experiences. This provided opportunities to network, connect, and have open discussions with others in the Web3 community.

The event was joined by many Web3 projects including Spawn, College DAO, LinkZDAO, Chainbase, and ByteTrade Lab. zCloak Network was excited to have connected with so many projects, and we are looking forward to join events like this more often.

For Community

zCloak on Crew3

We are excited to announce that zCloak Community is live on Crew³, a new engagement platform that provides an operating system for web3 communities. Crew³ includes a dashboard that will act as a homepage for community members to participate in engaging and fun “Quests”. These quests can include both simple tasks like sharing a tweet, or very complex tasks with high reward structures.

zCloak will use Crew³ leveling tier to offer Discord Roles (zk-Neophyte, zk-Conjurer, zk-Enchanter, zk-Magician, and zk-Wizard) with different levels and a special Verifiable Credential each time a member reaches the above levels, based on the XP value gained for finishing different missions.

Check out the following medium page to find out more about how to start your Crew3 journey with zCloak.

YouTube Channel — zCloak Whiteboard Series

The zCloak team published its first video of the zCloak Whiteboard series in December, with separate versions in both English and Chinese. Through this series of videos, we want to thoroughly introduce concepts used in zCloak’s product and tech logics. Our first set of videos is about identity, you can check them out with these links (EN version / CN version). If you are interested, we would like to invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel, as more videos are coming up soon!


zk-Guessing Event Community Calls

As the World Cup Games zk-Guessing Event was heated within the zCloak community during the month, on Dec 6, we hosted two AMAs (one in Chinese and one in English) to explain this event thoroughly to our community members and answered some of their questions. 1500+ members joined us in these AMAs in our Discord voice channel.

TVD x ScalingX

On Dec 15, ScalingX and Type V cohosted a Twitter Space on “Education of ZKP dissemination ” that mainly talked about the history of ZKP, the fundamentals of its operation, and what is the future potential of ZKP?

The Twitter Space invited speakers from MetaSecureLabs, Reddio, zCloak Network, Gitcoin, Starkware, ScalingX, and TypeV. zCloak’s founder w3tester talked about ZKP as a privacy-preserving technology and its advantages towards achieving the self-sovereignty of user data, as ZKP facilitates transactions without having to reveal sensitive information which can be detrimental to the user. w3tester also shared that unlike a SNARK-based ZKP project, zCloak Network uses STARK proof so it does not need a trust setup ceremony, which greatly increases its safety and level of decentralization.

Link to the recording for you to listen to:


Sui Show by Sui World

On Dec 23, Sui World gathered speakers from zCloak Network, SupraOracles, BeLaunch, StarSpace, and other VC guests for a discussion space. zCloak’s founder w3tester attended and introduced zCloak Network to the audience.

Here’s the link to the recording:




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