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zCloak Network Continues to Grow Thanks to Our Active Community!

Over the past two months, zCloak Network has held a number of community events and activities. Here’s everything that happened.

These past two months have been very exciting. By now, we have got more than 40,000 followers on all of our social media channels and have successfully held a number of engaging events and activities. We’d first like to appreciate the active participation and contribution of our community members. Your efforts have helped to grow the zCloak Network’s world-wide community. In this article, we will review the community events we experienced together at zCloak.

1. Treasure Hunt Game on #GatherTown — (June 14–June 17)

The purpose of this event, inside gather.town, was to further educate users on zero-knowledge proof by answering questions for rewards. The event saw more than 10,362 participants. Twenty users were selected to split a 600 USDT prize pool.

2. Campaign for Launch of zkID.app Guide — (June 21–August 3)

zkID.app is the first product of zCloak Network for privacy-preserving self-sovereign identity. On June 22nd, we launched the zkID.app guide to demonstrate the ability of Verifiable Credentials combined with ZKP technology. We launched this event with Project Galaxy, which enables participants to claim an exclusive zCloak-Galaxy OAT NFT.

The campaign received over 40,272 entries from users around the world, and we’re so excited to continue developing our zkID.app.

Our community is the backbone of our project, and we’re thankful to all those who participated in our recent campaign. We’ve worked hard to bring zkID.app to life, and we hope it will serve you well on your crypto journey.

3. DAO Cooperation: zCloak Network Partners with LegalDAO to Provide Identity Service to Lawyers — (June 24)

On June 24, 2022, we announced our partnership with LegalDao. The collaboration will focus on decentralized identity, credential attestation, data privacy protection, etc. Both zCloak Network and LegalDAO are bringing Web3.0 solutions to projects and users, and we believe our collaboration will drive higher trust within the Web3.0 world.

4. Panel Discussion with 0x499 — (June 30)

At the end of June, we held a panel discussion with 0x499, host of the DeLight 光 Podcast, about Web3 Infrastructure of Mirror, ENS, and STEPN. Guests included:

  • @Kevin (Founder of TEA Project)
  • @w3tester (Founder of zCloak Network)
  • @Michael (Celer core development engineer)
  • @Vincent (Draper Dragon Researcher) — Moderator

Here is the recap for those who missed it.

5. zCloak’s Community Call #1 — (July 3)

zCloak held a Community Call AMA for the first time. We were so excited to have more than 2,300 community members join and participate, through which we connected with our community and updated zCloak’s latest news. We were happy to see community members as passionate as us in the field of Privacy in the Web3 world.

6. Ambassador Project — (July 5)

The zCloak Network Ambassadors Program put out a call for candidates to have an impact on Community, Social Media, and Content. In this first round of our Ambassador Program, we recruited 23 core Ambassadors for zCloak’s continued growth and development. More than 500 people applied for the Ambassador positions.

7. Panel Discussion (Link 1, Link 2, Link 3) — (July 7)

We held another panel discussion focused on the central question: As privacy issues intensify, will the privacy section usher in a new era of growth? Guests included:

  • Loners-CatcherVC 研究总监 (@CatcherVC)
  • Erin-Oasis 中国区宣发PM (@OasisNetwork_CN)
  • Victor Ji-Manta 核心贡献者 (@manta_china)
  • w3tester-zCloak 创始人 (@zCloakNetwork)
  • Amber-Findora 公关负责人 (@Findora)

8. Quest3 Adventure Campaign — (July 19)

Users who participated earned tokens and NFTs from Quest3, a Web3 quest and event platform incubated by Hogwarts Labs. Quest3 is committed to providing a variety of permissionless on-chain and off-chain quests for GameFi, DAOs, communities, and other projects, bringing continuous benefits for the users as well as for the Web3 ecosystem and its native value.

9. Biweekly report — (July 16)

If you missed any of the exciting stories from zCloak over the past month, we compiled everything you need to know in this report.

As always, we remain incredibly grateful and committed to our community and early adopters. Your passion and feedback are critical to our success, and we’re always ready to connect with you on Twitter and Discord. Thank you for being a part of the zCloak Network journey!

About zCloak

zCloak Network is a privacy-preserving computing platform. It enables a new computation paradigm where people can do computation/analysis of their data in client device, not in centralized servers. zCloak Network combines the latest progress in zero-knowledge cryptography and verifiable credentials to ensure both the computation process and the user data are trustworthy.

With zCloak, users can prove their identity has certain attributes or they satisfy certain requirements without showing any private data. The user proofs are made available in major public blockchains by zCloak oracle service. Third-party DApps can leverage this information to provide personalized service to their users.

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